Cantonment Board, Subathu(Under Ministry of Defence)

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सत्यमेव जयते


This website of the Subathu Cantonment Board has two main objectives. Firstly, to provide transparency in the administration of the Cantonment & Secondly, to honour the Right to Information of the people of Subathu. Public can register their suggestions, grievances, and offer their recommendations on the site. They can download forms & access other information sitting at their homes or at an internet cafe. This is our first step towards e-governance at this Cantonment and I hope this initiative will provide a platform for seamless sharing of information & will help enhance the harmonious relationship between Cantonment Board office & the public whom we serve. It is our ultimate objective to convert the Subathu Cantonment into a fully e-governed one in a paper less and net worked environment. I urge and invite more and more people to use the site.

Brig. O.P.Singh
President,Cantonment Board,Subathu


This is an effort to develop a website for Cantonment Board, Subathu in order to make information available to the residents of Cantonment at any time, easily and speedily and to provide maximum information to the general public of Subathu. This Website is open for suggestion and feedback from people. It will help us to make the working of Cantonment board more transparent to the general public.

I hope the residents of the Cantonment will make good use of this facility and join us for building healthy, strong & harmonious environment.

Vikash Kumar
Cheif Executive Officer


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